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 With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as its stage, landlocked Nepal is a sacred country, to natives and foreigners alike. The special place it holds in your heart will only deepen when you discover the ruins and relics that is the heritage of the welcoming and wonderful Nepalese people. The mass development of much of Asia and the Far East seems to have side-stepped Nepal. Many rural areas remain inaccessible and the people who work the land have been practicing a style of subsistence farming that has barely changed in hundreds of years. Life here is affected so little by the outside world; it remains in a delicate and beautiful stasis. Highlights of this Nepal Tour include the ‘rose-red’ Patan of the golden roofs and medieval Bhadgaon, a city of artisans, each with outstanding monuments of architecture and art. The Elephant Breeding Centre in Chitwan and the unrivalled views of the epic mountain range from Pokhara are also popular attractions that will leave you with evocative memories. Above everywhere else, Kathmandu is the primary draw for visitors. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to remarkable monuments, buildings and places of note. It wouldn’t be the same without the mystery and spirituality they bring.

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